Patron PC Help

If you need help printing -

In the web browser you can click on File > Print or Print Preview to see the current page that you are on.
This should let you know what will be going to the printer.
If you are okay with the print job, you can click print.
This will pop up a window to tell you what the cost of the print job will be.
You can ok this window or cancel it if you choose.
If you ok it, it will send you to the next window and you will want to hit ok again.

From here go to the terminal next to the printer attached to the bank of computers on the ground floor.
Click on Release a Print Job at the terminal next to the printer.
Enter your library card number in the top line.
On the next screen a list of available print jobs will show up.
Click print on the what you would like to print or you can click on the magnifying glass to the right of the screen to get a preview of the print job.
The system will prompt you for payment as print jobs are not processed until payed for and are held onto for 24 hours.
The rates are:

Black and white: $0.15 /page
Color: $0.35 /page

If you are looking for a place to have more time on the computer:

You can find the SUNY - Attain Lab at the following:

SUNY Attain Lab @ Sullivan County BOCES
22 St. John Street Fl 1, Room 118
Monticello, NY 12701-2109