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Friends of the Library

Who Are We?

The Friends of the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library, Inc. were originally founded in 1955. The Friends are a non-profit membership organization of caring community members who give financial support to the library and its services. Everyone who enjoys the library benefits from the work of the FRIENDS!

What Do Friends Do?

Friends can do many things to support the E.B. Crawford Public Library. Important tasks include fundraising, programming and promoting the library. The Friends work alongside library trustees, staff, and the library director to enhance services, programs, and facilities.

Mission Statement

  • To maintain a membership of persons and businesses (thereinafter referred to as "members") supportive of the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library.

  • To stimulate the use of and to provide additional money for use of the Library's facilities, resources and services.

  • To build a greater realization of the importance of the Library and to support the freedom to read in order to benefit the continued development of the community.

  • To develop programs for children and adults of all ages, and to inform Friend's members and the public about organizational affairs and library events.

  • To support and cooperate with the Library in developing, maintaining, and enhancing facilities, resources, and services for the public.

  • To focus public attention on the Library.


Membership Options

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