Is Your Android Phone Running Slow?

Have you noticed lately that your phone is running slow or is it hot to the touch? It may have been affected by what security researchers are calling “DrainerBot.” According to a recent article on, you are not alone - up to 10 million others may have been affected as well.

Behind the scenes your phone is downloading videos and generating revenue for the botnet. It’s one of the largest botnets to be seen that has caused such damage to customers in such a noticeable way.

Some of the recognizable apps: Perfect365, VertexClub, Draw Clash of Clans, Touch ‘n’ Beat - Cinema and Solitaire: 4 Seasons according to

You can check your installed apps to see if you have these or you can also go to Settings > Network and Internet > Data Usage > App Data Usage. This should show you the largest data consuming apps.

The apps have been pulled out of the Google Play store but it is always a wise idea to know what you are downloading whenever you go to the Google Play store. Be sure to read what the app wants access to and never download something you are unsure about.