Regular iPhone Maintenace

From time to time you may notice that certain apps or even your phone is running slow. To keep your phone running in tip-top shape here are a couple of helpful hints on things that you can do from home to make sure your phone runs smoothly.

Photo storage - Look at how many photos you have stored. If you connect your phone to your laptop or pc you can backup these photos through iTunes. Using iTunes you can backup your photos and then remove them from your phone.

iCloud Photo Library - If you do not have a computer you can back up to, you can use the iCloud in order to backup your photos. With the basic iCloud plan you should have 5GB of space in order to store your data. If you are concerned about losing files on your phone, upload them to the cloud.

Apps- If there is an app that is shutting down when you open it or is running slow, you have the option to clear data from that app or re-install it. Going into your Settings you should be able to find General as an option. From there click on iPhone Storage and that should bring up everything that is stored on your phone. You have the ability to offload the app or delete the app. Offloading it removes it from the phone but keeps the stored data. Deleting it means it will remove everything and you will have to reinstall the app and start all over again.

Browser space - You can clear out space from your browser by going into Settings > Safari and then clear history and website data. Keep in mind if you were on any pages or using anything in the browser, this will clear it out.

Install iOs updates - You will need to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to do this however if you go to Settings > General > Software Update the phone will check to see if there are any updates available. Most phones are set to automatically download updates - if yours is not you will want to make sure you update it as often as possible.