How Do I Get a Library Card?

You need the following to get a library card:

  • Photo ID

  • Proof of Address

  • Address must be within our district ( Monticello Central School District )

Bring these in to the library and our staff can walk you through the process. Once we have all your information we'll give you an initial card that allows:

  • 1 Adult book

  • 2 Children's books

You'll have to use this initial card until you receive your complete card in the mail. If you don't receive your card within a week, please call (845)794-4660 or come to the library to resolve the issue. 

Do not loan this card to anyone else, and notify us promptly in the event of an address change or loss of card. 

What If I’m Under 18?

Minors can receive cards as long as they can write their name and are accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

What Are The Fines For Overdue Books?

Overdue print materials from our library are $0.10 per item per day our library is open.

  • DVD overdue fines are as follows:

    • 3-day: $2.00 per item per day our library is open

    • 7-day: $1.00 per item per day our library is open

  • ILL fines are determined by the lending library.

  • Copies are $0.15/page for black and white, $0.25 for color. 

  • Forgotten library card: $0.25.

  • You will be charged the full cost of a lost/damaged item. 

If you have more than $10.00 in fines you will not be able to borrow from our library. 

Do You Have WiFi?

Wi-Fi is available throughout the library, our SSID is "EB Crawford Library". It's free and has no password.  

Do You Have A Computer I Can Use?