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Women of Distinction Exhibit Opening Reception


Chief Justice Judith S. Kaye, a Sullivan County Local was one of 3 Women Inducted into the Historic Women of Distinction Exhibit in March, 2018. He brother, Alan Smith, will welcome reception attendees with words about his sister.

  The Women of Distinction exhibit features historic New York women, from suffragists to geneticists, labor organizers to entertainers, whose contributions are still felt today and who stand as an inspiration to the next generation of inventors, explorers, and achievers. 

Some of the women in the full display include Susan B. Anthony, Lucille Ball, “Grandma Moses” Robertson, Harriet Tubman, Emma Willard, among others, all with strong links to New York State. 

A portion of this exhibit will be on display from, July 10 - August 10.  

 The Women of Distinction program was created by the Senate in 1998 to recognize the historic contributions of New Yorkers in celebration of National Women’s History Month, observed each March.