Regular Android Maintenance

Much like the iPhone, Android phones need maintenance in order to keep them running their best as well. What can you do?

Clearing cache - All of the apps on your phone use storage space of some kind. You have to ability to clear out the cache if your app is running slow. To do that go to Settings > Storage > Other Apps. This will show you all the storage space that is being used. If you tap the three-dot menu in the top right you can choose Sort by size , this will order the apps by which ones take up the most space. If you click on the app, you have the ability to clear cache. This will remove any temporary files associated with the app.

Uninstall apps - Look for apps that you don’t use, be careful not to delete any that say android or show up with the android robot guy.

Get an SD card - You can back up your pictures and other files to an SD card, this will remove them from the phone’s storage.

Power off and restart the device - This should clear out anything that is hung up on the phone.