Trustee Meeting Minutes – 2/18/16

Approved March 17, 2016

PRESENT:  Lynn Skolnick (participated remotely via Skype),  Connie Keller,  Marvin Rappaport, Christine Cavello,  Marcia Raponi,  Director- Mary Paige Lang-Clouse.

Late: Steve Sharoff

Absent:  Sari Rosenheck

Meeting called to order at 6:03pm by Pres., Lynn Skolnick

Motion to approve minutes of 1/21 /16 meeting by Marcia; second by Marvin. Motion carried.

Public Comment: Dave Colavito attended to thank Mary Paige and Sharon Stanton for their enormous help in accessing information and “going above and beyond”. The board greatly appreciated his taking the time to publicly thank the staff.

Motion to approve vouchers by Connie and seconded by Marcia. Discussion followed on utility bills and Bennett and Smith fund. Motion passed.

Motion to approve bills paid by Marvin, seconded by Connie; Motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Programming Committee - discussion on areas to address: music, arts, community activities, historical, cultural. etc. Committee to bringspecific program recommendations to their next meeting on 2/24/16 at 5pm. Board members to email any suggestions to Marvin Rappaport.

Policy Committee – further discussion on programming policy, hold harmless agreement, insurance for room use, mission statement, application for room use.

Board unanimously approved the draft programming policy as amended.  Motion by Connie Keller; second Steve Sharoff.

The mission statement is approved from the Programming Policy Draft. Motion by Marcia; second by Steve. Motion carried.

Lynn asked for Adhoc committees to assist Mary Paige

Ethelbert Panel – volunteers Lynn and Marcia

Landscaping – volunteers still needed, Connie already on committee

Director’s Report - See attached. Steve brought up cost of electricity. MP to meet with Ken Schmidt to discuss if any options are available.

Lynn – mentioned how great the interactive end panels are in children’s room. Joanna has some additional panels so they can be switched out. Steve discussed great keyboards on children’s AWE computers.

Lynn noted increase in YA fiction and nonfiction circulation. Joanna feels this may be due to placement of material as you come up the stairs. Also noted since grand opening of library on October 26, 2015 library has 275 new patrons.  Inter-library loans have increased almost 100% in last two months.  HURRAH!

Tax help begins 2/22/16, many slots filled already. Local history room not ready to be open as of now.  Board and Friends members have been asked to volunteer their time when room is ready for public use.

Mary Paige brought up issues from recent staff meeting: 1. Sick time accrual, 2. Health insurance buyout.  Policy committee will meet to further discuss these issues.

Lynn - suggested a PSA noting number of new (275) patrons since October 26, 2015 date of new library opening and welcoming others to visit.

Need to begin reviewing bylaws.

MP requested a thank you to Paul Walsh for donating the dumpster.

Steve moved to adjourn at 7:52pm. Christine second.

Next meeting: March 17, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Raponi for Sari Rosenheck