Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library

Trustee Meeting Minutes - November 17, 2016

Approved December 15, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 6:10pm by President Lynn Skolnick. Members present included Connie Keller, Sari Rosenheck, and Chris Cavello. 

Lynn called for a motion to approve the minutes of October 20th.  Christine moved to accept the minutes as presented.  Connie seconded the motion.  A vote was taken and passed unanimously.

Sari moved to approve vouchers, Connie seconded.  Connie moved to approved Bills to be paid, Connie seconded.  All passed unanimously.

  • Committee Reports (see director’s report)
  • Landscaping
  • Marcia and Lynn attended the last Friends Meeting.  The Friends will help with Fundraising Mary Mancuso & Resa Wallach.  Amounts for donations will be assigned.
  • Architectmeeting tomorrow (Fri 11/18)
    • Archway and seating with trees
  • Garden
  • The mosaic chair is phenomenal!  12/3 is the unveiling.  It is lighter than expected and needs a drainage mechanism.
  • Building and Grounds
    • Parking lot is still too dark.  Mary Paige will pursue.
  • Strategic Plan
    • Bylaws with Lynn were tabled for next meeting.
    • Hiring
      • Civil Service
        • Job Description
        • Civil Service list
        • Job requirements
          • Come out during interview
          • Must be physically able to do the job
  • The Ethelbert B. Crawford family was very happy with the anniversary night & panel unveiling, and donated $1,000!
  • No update on mismatched hardware on stair handrail
  • Manuals, if anyone needs them, are on the lower shelves behind the desk
  • Accountants
    • Old software to QuickBooks
  • Email Blasts out early and morning of events going well
  • Connie helping with paid PR with Mary Paige
  • Continuing investigation of:
    •  2nd DVR
    • Panic Button
    • Additional lighting
    • Additional video cameras for outside
    • 2nd camera for Kids Room
  • Old Business
    • 11/30 Strategic Planning meeting to start at 1:30
    • Programming meeting at 2:30
    • StoryCorps Interviews - Cloud allows for 4 interviews, we won’t lose data.
      • Can add more with additional money
      • Need contact info from Marvin for Mary Paige
      • 4-5 Additional Interviews, Marvin will do PR
  • New Business
    • Connor will offer tech support
      • Tues 10-2
      • Wed 4-7
      • One on one instructional sessions
        • Rosetta Stone
        • Borrowing digital books on personal devices
    • Joanna
      • Story time and Aname turn out up!
  • Holiday presents for Staff from Trustees
    • Christine will handle through Amazon Smile
      • 8 Full Time
      • 3 Part Time
  • Having no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:36PM until our next meeting on Dec 15th, at 6:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sari Rosenheck