Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library

Trustee Meeting Minutes - January 19, 2017

Approved February 16, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 6:07 by Vice President Marcia Raponi. Members present included Marcia Raponi, Steve Sharoff, Connie Keller and Christine Cavello.  Members absent were Lynn Skolnick, Marvin Rappaport and Sari Rosenheck.

No minutes available for December’s meeting.  Minutes will be approved at February’s meeting.


*Mary Paige received Joanna Goldfarb’s resignation and NYS Retirement paperwork for Theresa Cassidy.

* Contract for BWW accountant services for 2017.

Public Comment


There was discussion of plowing services.


A duplicate check was mistakenly requested for musician Wolf Critton program.  H will receive a single check; the check issued tonight will be voided.

There was discussion of payment for Joanna’s memberships for the NYS and American Library Association for the 2017 year given that she is leaving the library in February.

Connie motioned to approve the vouchers including the removal of payment toward Joanna’s professional (NYLA and ALA) membership renewals and Steve seconded and it passed unanimously.

Steve motioned for the Bills to be paid and Connie seconded and it passed unanimously.

Question came up about the BW&W contract for accounting services.  The wording “and each year thereafter” was crossed out.

Committee Reports

None this month

Reorganization of Board Trustees

The officers will remain the same as the 2016 year:  Lynn Skolnick, president; Marcia Raponi, Vice President, Steve Sharoff, Treasurer and Sari Rosenheck, Secretary.

Moved by Connie and seconded by Steve and it passed unanimously.

Appointment of Attorney:  Marvin Newberg

Appointment of Accountant:  Bachrach Waschitz & Waschitz, L.L.P.

Official Newspaper:  Sullivan County Democrat

Monthly Meeting Schedule:  3rd Thursday at 6:00pm

Committee Appointments tabled for now an email will be sent out

Directors Report (see attached)

Next Friday 1/27/17 from 3:30-5:30 having a small send off for the three employees that will be leaving the library (Theresa, Melanie and Joanna.)

Karen at BW&W sent a question about the budget adjustment approved in December, 2016 related to covering 7410.200 – Capital Expenditure – Public Funds with 9060.800 – Hospital Insurance.  Still unclear as to how to address the question.


Only changes under appointment section

2. Attorney (need to cross off) paid monthly at a rate established by Board of Trustees

3. The Library Accountant (need to cross off) The Library Accountant’s fees shall be established by the Board of Trustees.


Program and Landscaping meetings will be scheduled soon


Exterior Lighting will be put out for bid.

Meeting adjourned at 7:03 pm

Next meeting: 2/16/17 at 6 pm

Submitted by, Christine Cavello