Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library

Trustee Meeting Minutes - January 21, 2016

Approved February 18, 2016


Meeting called to order 6:12pm by VP Marcia Raponi

In attendance:  Marvin Rappaport, Marcia Raponi, Connie Keller, Sari Rosenheck, Christine Cavello and Director Mary Paige Lang-Clouse.  Absent: Lynn Skolnick and Steve Sharoff.

Marvin moved, Connie seconded to accept slate of officers:

President         Lynn Skolnick

Vice President Marcia Raponi

Treasurer         Steve Sharoff

Secretary         Sari Rosenheck

Marcia Raponi audited the Bills to be Paid

Marvin Rappaport moved, Connie Keller seconded appointment of:

Attorney          Marvin Newburg

Accountant     Bachrach, Waschitz and Waschitz, LLP

Newspaper      Sullivan County Democrat

Unanimous vote for reorganizational meeting appointments.

Marvin noted our welcome to Christine.

Connie moved, Sari seconded to approve the minutes from 12/17/15, motion carried.

Health Insurance bill came day of meeting.  Employee health insurance bill $3601.74.

Town of Bethel charge back owed $2568.84

Motion to approve payment of all bills presented made by Christine, second by Marvin.  Motion carried.

Committees Connie moved to approve trustees serving on the following standing committees of the board, Marvin 2nd:

Program/PRCommittee         Connie, Marvin, Sari

Policy Committee                   Marcia, Steve, Marvin

Personnel Committee              Sari, Connie, Lynn

Building and Grounds                        Marcia, Christine, Steve

Strategic Planning                   Lynn, Christine, Marvin

Budget and Finance                Steve, Lynn, Marcia

Details of closing of old building discussed.  An officer of the board must be in attendance;   have not heard from the buyer.

Connie moved to go into Executive Session for matters of personnel at 6:55 pm.  2nd by Marvin;   motion carried.  At 7:15 pm the board came out of Executive Session and moved to pay the correct 2016 per hour amount ($21.89), not the amount requested by Melanie Olson.

Discussion of trustees assisting Mary Paige (Steve research additional lighting for parking lot in consultation with Mary Paige – specifically near signage along parking lot entryway; Marvin will write an article re: StoryCorps workshop experience for March 1 Newsletter and also about the 1/20/16 Poetry Reading program).

Discussion on follow-up to December draft of ‘Meeting Room Use Policy’; how to address revised wording of such bearing in mind feedback from Robert Hubsher at RCLS.. 

Tax Help sessions in February - concerns re: confidentiality and printing tax returns

Bulletin Board policy to be sent to trustees.

Marvin moved to adjourn 7:50pm.  Connie 2nd.  Motion carried.

Next meeting February 18, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sari Rosenheck