Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library

Trustee Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 5:15 pm by President Lynn Skolnick. Other trustees present were Christine Cavello, Connie Keller, Marcia Raponi and Marvin Rappaport, as well as Mary Paige Lang-Clouse, Director. Absent was Sari Rosenheck and Steve Sharoff.

Marvin moved and Connie seconded motion to approve the minutes of August 16, 2018 as amended. Motion passed unanimously. There was one item of correspondence, a thank you note from Danielle for the baby shower and gifts. Marcia moved that vouchers be approved and Marvin seconded; passed unanimously. Christine moved to pay all bills, Connie seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

Program Committee has confirmed excellent programming for most of October and November, with a few more to be confirmed. Programs include: Hospice, two parts, Tarot Cards, Seed Saving, and Bulb Planting.

Policy Committee working on policies for Outdoor Space, Emergency/Disaster Plan, Sexual Harassment, Challenging Library Material, Procurement, Investment and Displays/Exhibits, all of which will be presented to the Board when ready. Earlier, the Board adopted a policy on photographing patrons at library events and it was agreed that that policy would be prominently posted at all events.

Youth Services Report was presented in writing by Cheryl Jones.

Director’s Report was presented (see separate written report).

Old Business

Landscape Project continues with work being done to bring us in compliance with our overall plan.

Investment options are being researched by Treasurer Steve Sharoff for the best return on any Certificates of Deposit to be held by the library.

The RCLS Legislative Breakfast held at the Sullivan on September 14 was well attended and 5 of our 7 board members participated for all or part of the program.

DASNY Punch list and Unfinished Items continue to get attention. The leak on the Broadway side of the building is improved but not quite completely abated. Work and analysis is still being done.

Reminder that the 2019 Budget Vote and Election of Trustees will take place on Wednesday, October 10, from 3-8 pm.

New Business

Marcia moved and Connie seconded a resolution approving the 2019 RCLS Budget; Passed unanimously.

Moved by Marcia and seconded by Christine the Board adopted the EBCPL 2019 Budget which passed unanimously. Marvin moved and Marcia seconded a resolution to exceed the Tax Cap for 2019: Tax Cap Override Resolution

Whereas, the adoption of the 2019 budget for the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library requires a tax levy increase that exceeds the tax cap imposed by state law as outlined in General Municipal Law Section 3-c adopted in 2011; and

Whereas, General Municipal Law Section 3-e expressly permits the library board to override the tax levy limit by a resolution approved by a vote of sixty percent of qualified board members; now therefore be it

Resolved, that the Board of Trustees of the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library voted and approved to exceed the tax levy limit for 2019 by at least sixty percent of the board of trustees as required by state law on September 20, 2018.

The motion passed unanimously. While the budget will increase 10.88% due to increase in library hours open with concomitant staffing costs, additional programming and funding for a security person, the tax levy will increase 2.9% due to offset from the proceeds of the sale of the old building.

Motion to adjourn at 6:54 pm made by Marvin, seconded by Connie and approved.

Respectfully submitted by Marvin Rappaport