Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library

Trustee Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 5:31 pm by President Lynn Skolnick. Members present were Sari Rosenheck, Marcia Raponi, and Connie Keller. Steve Sharoff, Marvin Rappaport and Christine Cavello were absent.

Marcia called for a motion to approve the minutes of July 19. Connie seconded it and it was approved unanimously.


John Bonacic sent a note in reference to the library’s display on Judge Judith Kay and a picture of Judge Judith Kay swearing him in as Senator.

August 13th email confirming receipt of 2017 NYS Public Library Construction Grant funding from Mary Anne Waltz for outdoor stage and added lighting for security.

Voucher Approval

Connie made the motion to approve vouchers. Sari seconded motion. Mary Paige added check payable to CR Wolfe (#6580 for $456) after check register and bills to be paid were emailed to the board. Approved unanimously.

Bills to be Paid

Sari moved, Marcia seconded. Motion carried to pay bills.

Committee Reports (see director’s report)

Discussion re: Board/Committee meeting attendance

Buildings and Grounds


Brochure for Fundraising by end of August.

Generator on Concrete Pad

Programming Committee

Ira and Julia Levin program - Lynn working on date

Musical Programming

Diane Lang 9/6 program not on calendar (Emotional Detox)

Wednesdays and Thursdays in August very busy!



Outdoor Space


Challenge Work (ie Challenge a movie, etc)


Youth Services

Cheryl busy and doing well!


Candidate passed first of two part Civil Service testing


Summer cards are down; seems more are documenting property ownership

Circulation is up


Lilydale trip was successful

Fall Fun Day in-the-works

Meeting date changed for September due to Jewish Holidays.

Pencils & erasers – to hand out to Trick or Treaters

Director’s Report

Hired PT temporary clerk to cover staff person out on Workers Comp. October 26th will be full year that position has been held for employee out on leave.

Attorney was consulted re: above

Stairs between parking lots are in, as per Village DPW Supervisor they will be closed in October for the winter

Center for Discovery seeking to have students intern/volunteer here. Will be supervised by CFD staff while in the Library as such.

Old Business

Marcia made a motion to use money from the sale of old building/the unallocated fund to offset tax levy increase, keeping it under 5%. Connie seconded motion. Passed unanimously.

New Business

Discussion of the 2019 budget and whether to exceed the 2% Tax Cap

NYS Library Construction Grant Application Approval. A motion was made by Marcia and seconded by Lynn to approve the application being submitted for installation of a generator and hard-wired carbon monoxide detectors in line with the following conditions outlined by RCLS:

The Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS) Board of Trustees views your application as a commitment by your Board of Trustees to proceed with the project as submitted. If after the application is approved your Library experiences extreme mitigating circumstances that make it impossible to proceed with the project we would take that issue into consideration. Such circumstances do not include a change in Board priorities or withholding promised matching funds.

Libraries that withdraw their projects after the RCLS Board has approved the project and funds have been allocated place a hardship on other member library applicants, RCLS, the Division of Library Development (DLD) and NYS Legislative Members in your district.

Since this Construction Grant program was established in 2006 the allocation of Grant funds awarded to RCLS have been insufficient to meet the maximum match allowed under the Grant criteria for the eligible member library projects submitted. As a result the RCLS Board of Trustees passed a resolution that would prohibit any member, which withdraws its project after it was approved, from applying for a Construction Grant for a period of five years.

Therefore, we are requiring an assurance that your Library Board of Trustees is committed to completing the project applied for as submitted.

The following language, required by DLD, was also part of the motion:

The construction grant application and accompanying documents for this public library construction grant are administered in accordance with the requirements of Education Law s273-a (as Amended by Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2007) and Commissioner’s Regulations s90.12 and was read and duly adopted by the Board of Trustees at this legal meeting.

The trustees in attendance all voted unanimously in favor of the motion.

Lynn Skolnick signed the RCLS Assurance Letter for the construction grant and the Construction Grant application assurances.

Trustees to register for Legislative Brunch (9/14/18) through the RCLS calendar at 8:00am at Bernies in Rock Hill, NY.

Scary Stories Event for the Writer’s Group will be on Thursday, 10/25/18 at 6pm.

Motion to adjourn by Connie, seconded by Sari.

Meeting Adjourned 6:55pm

Next Meeting 9/20/18 @ 5:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Sari Rosenheck