July 19, 2018
The meeting was called to order at 5:15 pm by President Lynn Skolnick.

Members present were Sari Rosenheck, Marvin Rappaport, Marcia Raponi, Connie Keller and Christine Cavello. Steve Sharoff was absent.

Lynn called for a motion to approve the minutes of June 21. Marvin moved to accept the minutes. Marcia seconded the motion. A vote was taken and passed unanimously.



Voucher Approval

Christine made the motion to approve vouchers. Connie seconded motion; approved unanimously.

Bills to be Paid

Marcia moved, Sari seconded. Motion carried to pay bills.

Committee Reports

Buildings and Grounds

$17,000+ Carbon Monoxide detector installation quote; need 2 more Leaks on Broadway repaired, needs painting Book Arch; working on getting a painter

Programming Committee

Need to review program evaluations collected August Calendar Set Thursday, Sept. 20th Yom Kippur Gospel Singers Flyer in Spanish (MP)


Next wed @ 1pm 7/25/18 Postponed to next meeting Investment Procurement Outside Space Display/Exhibit Next meetings: 8/6/18 @ 2:30, 8/13/18 @ 2:30

Personnel and Budget

Staff rates for 2019 discussed o Operating Budget up 13% over 2018% Tax Levy increase depends on offset by funds from sale of 393 Broadway 2019 Tax Cap: 2% 2019 budget reviewed Discussion of the status of Bennet Fund funds Motion to approve Budget by Marvin, 2nd by Connie. Motion carried unanimously.


Connie to attend Friends 8/14/18 Meeting

Director’s Report

MVL - going out of business? Decorative Fence scheduled to go in mid-August; Ketcham Fencing Book Arch books to be removed & reinstalled in August Credit card pymt. $7.92 (tax on a purchase) – brd approved additional handwritten ck not on ‘bills paid’ list. Merchant to reimburse tax Mural underway To look at forsythia blocking mural NYS Library Construction Grant Generator Additional Parking lot light by Vera’s Garden CO2 Detectors Present Construction Grant—STAGE Need to get out to bid to allow for installation before snow Building Committee Short on space in new Library building already Graphic panels to be put up on kiosk tomorrow – Karen Rapp

Old Business

Unfinished pieces of punch list Lynn calling DASNY next week Hiring LMMT - underway


Paths Stage Phase – email from Barbara Constable Drainage incomplete on adjoining parking lot steps (pebbles present after rain)

New Business

Nominate Friend for Library for National Friends Week in October 2019 Transfer funds Health Insurance $10,000 to Custodial & $10,000 to Professional Fees Motion to Accept proposed budget adjustments made by Connie, Seconded by Marcia. Passed unanimously

Motion to adjourn by Connie, seconded by Sari. Meeting Adjourned 7:00p