June 21, 2018
The meeting was called to order at 5:20 by President Lynn Skolnick.

Other members present included Christine Cavello, Steve Sharoff, Marvin Rappaport and Marcia Raponi. Absent were Sari Rosenheck and Connie Keller.

Marcia moved and Christine seconded motion to approve the minutes of May 24, 2018. Motion passed unanimously.

Andrew Arias, CPA from Cooper Arias had a discussion with the board regarding the 2017 GAAP audit. The audit was done as a government audit. A random sample of various transactions was done. The most important statements to review are found on pages 35 and pages 38-40.

Recommendations from the audit:

Library has not adopted an investment policy or a fund balance policy. It is recommended that the board adopts these policies.

The library should update its procurement policy to differentiate between equipment purchases and public work projects. The policy also does not cover all of the various cost thresholds.

Everything is in accordance with (GAAP) except retiree health insurance liability not included.

AUD filing needs to be up to date.


Note from Mary Paige to board to thank them for the flowers. Mary Paige received an email from Schindler elevator stating that a part is going out of production and wanted to know if we wanted to purchase the part. Mary Paige will ask Schindler if we can buy the part and store it until needed.

Public Comment



Marvin motioned to approve the vouchers and Marcia seconded and it passed unanimously. Marcia motioned for the bills to be paid and Steve seconded and it passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

Building and Grounds: met on June 7th. Need to call Porco regarding oil tank. Bids are almost ready to go out to install a generator for the building. Discussion on repairing the Book Arch outside.


Marvin moved to accept the privacy policy and Marcia seconded and it passed unanimously. Marvin motioned to accept the unattended children policy subject to staff corrections in two places recommended by counsel and Lynn seconded it and it passed unanimously. Still need to work on a photo policy.


Bulletin board on kiosk lists summer programs.

Personnel and Budget

Mary Paige needs to start planning the budget. Committee needs to meet. Lynn will schedule a meeting.

Youth Services

Monthly Statistics

50 new library cards last month. E books are up.

Steve motioned to reelect Helen Rados to RCLS board for 2019 and Marvin seconded it and it passed unanimously.

Director’s Report

Mary Paige is still looking into hiring a part-time security guard/s.

We went into executive session at 6:55 to discuss personnel issues and came out of executive session at 7:02.

Muralists started prepping the wall outside with primer to begin the mural.

Soon to put out bids for snow removal and installing the generator.

Motion to adjourn at 7:17 pm by Marvin, seconded by Marcia and passed