Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library

Trustee Meeting Minutes

May 24, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Lynn Skolnick, President, at 5:18 PM. Present were Marvin Rappaport, Connie Keller, Marcia Raponi, Christine Cavello, Lynn Skolnick, and Mary Paige Lang-Clouse.  Absent were: Steve Sharoff and Sari Rosenheck.

A motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting was made by Connie and seconded by Christine. It passed unanimously.

A proposed mural project for the wall facing the east-facing entrance to the library was presented by Mentor Tom Bosket and Monticello high school students Tyler Olivo and Angie Snowden. The mural depicts various moods and struggles facing all members of society in a very graphic way intended to provoke a conversation among viewers of the mural. The Board thought the mural was wonderfully conceived and executed by these talented and thoughtful students and praised them for their work. A motion to approve the mural project and authorize installation was made by Marvin and seconded by Marcia. It was approved unanimously. 

Correspondence included:

·         Letter sent to DASNY from attorney Marvin Newberg in response to DASNY letter of April 25th outlining outstanding construction issues, primarily the leak on Broadway.

·         Letter indicating Bullet Aid awarded by Senator Bonacic in the amount of $3,000 for programming or equipment.

July 10 we will have an exhibit entitled New York State Women of Distinction (highlighting Judith Kaye).  Exhibit will be on display in the Robert D. Norris Community Room for a month.  An opening reception to be held the evening of Tuesday, July 10th.

Motion to approve the vouchers was made by Lynne and seconded by Marcia. It was approved unanimously. Motion to approve bills to be paid was made by Marvin and seconded by Christine. It passed unanimously.

Building and Grounds Committee reported that progress is being made on installing hard-wired carbon monoxide detectors,  the book arch is to be repaired, excess sand from winter storms built up in the parking lot will be removed.  Lot will be re-striped. 

Program Committee reported that the schedule for programs for June, July and August is coming together. When complete, we will issue a schedule of all Thursday evening programs for the three months.

Policy Committee reported that they are still working on a Privacy Policy, a policy to govern the use of the outside space, a policy for exhibits in the Norris room, and a policy on unattended children in the library.

No IT report this month as Connor has left and we are in the process of hiring a replacement.

Youth Services Report was submitted by Cheryl Jones and referred to during the meeting.

Friends of the Library have been very busy and are planning for a Fun Day of activities on June 2.

Director Mary Paige read her report into the record and it is appended to these minutes.

No new developments on our Landscape Project. We continue to look for security guards. 

Dan Hust of the Sullivan County Publicity Department is trying to obtain funds for when the power went out.

Tony Nappo will be the recipient of the 2018 Minnie Feldman Memorial Lecture funds this year.  He will speak on Lawrence O'Donnell's book "Playing With Fire: the 1968 Election & the Transformation of American Politics." Q&A will follow his presentation

Motion to adjourn by Marvin, seconded by Connie and approved unanimously. Meeting was adjourned at 7:07 PM