Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 21, 2019



Meeting was called to order by Lynn Skolnick, President (remotely) at 4:33 pm. Present were: Connie Keller, Marvin Rappaport, Marcia Raponi, Christine Cavello & Mary Paige Lang-Clouse Absent was Sari Rosenheck & Steve Sharoff,

Motion to approve minutes of meeting on February 21, 2019 made by Chris, seconded by Connie.  Motion carried.

Correspondence: None

Public Comment: None

Motion for Voucher Approval made by Marcia, seconded by Marvin.  Motion carried.

Motion for Bills to be Paid made by Marvin, seconded by Chris.  Motion carried.


Programming: April, May and June coming together.  Among others, we will have Oxford Depot Blue Grass Group, ‘American Sniper’ author Jim De Felice, presentation by NY Civil Liberties Union, Shamanism, Kent State 50 Years Later and lecture by Erroyl Rolle. 

Policies:  Working on several including, Collection Development, Outdoor Space, Displays & Exhibits, Social Media, Whistle Blower and Open Meetings.

Building & Grounds:  Still reworking details for rebid of installation of generator:  size, location, power source, etc.

Youth Services: see separate report; Alexandra Astras is coaching our Battle of the Books team.

IT:  see separate report

Monthly Statistics: see separate report; continued impressive growth in many areas.

Friends of the Library: Marcia attended March meeting; number of upcoming projects, including, May 4th Vera’s Story Garden Designation as a Literary Landmark by United for Libraries and the Empire State Center for the Book.

Director’s: see separate report

Old Business

Landscape Project & Stage Proposal: communication continues with Michael Haas

DASNY – Punch List/Unfinished Items – Leak & Paint on Posts

Reminder: 2019 Budget Vote & Trustee Election: Wednesday, October 9th; Trustees up for re-election are Christine and Lynn.

Reminder: Annual Conflict of Interest Policy Statements

Public Library Treasurer & Finance Officer:  nothing new to report

New Business

Motion to File the 2018 AUD (Annual Update Document) with NYS Comptroller’s Office and to submit the 2018 GAAP Audit made by Marvin, seconded by Connie: Motion carried.

Reminder: Anti-Harassment Training at RCLS (Required) – Wednesday, May 1st 

Reminder: Sullivan County Youth Book Festival will be held at EBCPL on Saturday, May 25th.

Outdoor Signage Draft Poster Circulated for Discussion

The new sections of fencing soon-to-be installed by Ketcham Fencing to block the space behind the Bagel Bakery will be stained as per recommendations of the Friends of the Garden, Sullivan County

Reminder: Saturday, May 4th - Literary Landmark Designation of Vera’s Story Garden - 11:00am.

Motion to Adjourn made by Marvin, seconded by Connie.  Motion carried.

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 4:30 pm