Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library

Trustee Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2018 – Approved February 15, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 5:18pm by President Lynn Skolnick (via Skype). Members present included Connie Keller, Sari Rosenheck, Marcia Raponi and Chris Cavello.  Marvin Rappaport and Steve Sharoff were absent.

Lynn called for a motion to approve the minutes of December 21, 2017.  Marcia moved to accept the minutes as presented.  Connie seconded the motion.  A vote was taken; passed unanimously.

Connie moved to approve vouchers, Chris seconded.  Connie moved to approved Bills to be Paid, Sari seconded.  All passed unanimously.


Thank you notes were received from Sharon Stanton and from Cheryl Jones.

Connie and Marcia will be sending thank you notes jointly from the library & the friends of the library for paver donations.

Committee Reports (see director’s report)


Programming Discussion

Raw Food event was not as expected (presenter late, conversation went off track)

April is National Poetry Month.  Discussion re Writers Group presenting at potential Open Mic

Thunder 102 Radio announced that the Library was closed Wednesday; it was not.  Mary Paige sent them an email to correct, but many people had already heard the closing announced.

Board Reorganization

Marvin Newberg was designated the library attorney

Waschitz, Pavloff, LLC was designated the library accountant

The Sullivan County Democrat was designated the Official Newspaper

The third Thursday of the month at 5:15 pm was the designated monthly meeting schedule

Sari motioned for current officers to be maintained, Marcia seconded.  All approval keeping  same slate of officers in office:  Lynn Skolnick, President, Marcia Raponi, Vice President, Steve Sharoff, Treasurer and Sari Rosenheck, Secretary.

Committee appointments were postponed by Lynn, who will send out input re: attendance at committee meetings

Director’s Report

Staff evaluations will begin shortly.

BOT moved to approve (Marcia moved, Connie seconded) the Davidoff family request to donate a plaque for placement within the library recognizing their grandparents who lived on the 2nd floor of this building when running Davco.  Given the unique nature of their request the board approved this motion.  Any future requests along these lines will be reviewed on a case by case basis; this is not setting a precedent for the hanging of plaques throughout the library.  There was a brief discussion of seeing if the Friends have any interest in launching a fundraising effort related to the placement of plaques in the future.

Old Business

The River Reporter named the Library ‘The Best’ Library for 2017!

Discussion re: Schmidt’s Wholesale & Rental and potential for filing a lien against the library related to payments due by Mountain Valley Landscaping.

In addition to the Director’s Report, we will have the Youth Services and the IT Reports added to the agenda.

Let the minutes reflect the board’s recognition of how great a job and how self-motivated Cheryl is; the same goes for Connor (BOT portal, etc.)

2017 Budget Adjustment

Connie made a motion to accept proposed budget transfers for December, 2017; seconded by Marcia; passed unanimously.

New Business

Date set for Annual Election: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sari made the motion to adjourn, Marcia seconded; passed unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 6:27pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Sari Rosenheck